on Tuesday, March 01, 2011
Pack of Civilization and scenarios: Polynesia (PVR € 3.49).The new pack brings Polynesian civilization and a new scenario called: Paradise Found. You can Governs the world by putting on the skin of Kamehameha, Hawaii unifying with your mighty army naval and imposing Moai statues.

2K Games has announced the availability of new downloadable content for Sid Meier's Civilization V for Windows PC on March 3, 2011. Developed by Firaxis Games, Civilization pack and scenarios of Polynesia and the new multiplayer map, expand the addictive experience of "just one more turn."

Civilization and scenarios: Polynesia

Civilization V Scenarios Walkthrough

In Paradise Found, players take on the role of one of the 4 great kings of Polynesia while trying to expand the Polynesian influence. A whole new technology and social policy trees unlock new advantages for the players including the dreaded Maori warriors and the enigmatic Moai. The special changes in the rules of the game allowed players to build kingdoms quickly while still allowing cultural growth, but the seas of the Pacific are really large and the land is a big prize among the islands and atolls. Get the best islands and demonstrate your skills as governor.

Governor of Polynesia - Kamehameha
Kamehameha was one of the first governors in the Great unified the Hawaiian Islands under his rule in 1791 and renovated many of the laws of these islands to protect its people. Because of their strong and wise policies, Hawaii remained an independent kingdom until the death of Kamehameha in 1819.

Multiplayer Map (Free)
Three new multiplayer maps for Sid Meier's Civilization V in this pack will be available through the Steam connection. The first map, Skirmish is a small map created especially for duels against each other in Civ 2 player in the second map, Ring; you will have the opportunity to sail around the world to combat your opponents. The final map, the Old Lake, is a map of "handmade" situated around a sea surrounded by land whose heart lays a treasure. These maps have a great balance between competitiveness and gameplay online and will allow players to conquer new worlds.