on Monday, February 28, 2011
The aftermath of a game that has caused a real furor are always expected especially for those who long for better quality in this new release and that it is a Super version rather than something that you take away all illusion and this time it appears to be no exception.

In recent times a rumor spread by which the launch was canceled Mirror Edge 2 the game has a real anger for feeling the adrenaline Parkour first-person and three-dimensional scenes quite catching especially for having complete freedom of movement.

These rumors have been just this as official voices Electronic Arts have stated that the game continues in full swing which have not yet provided many details but it seems that we would continue taking control of the brokerage Faith.

In turn, we expect some additions in gameplay always pointing toward realism and a story that serves as a link to a third installment as has also been suggested that this game will look part of a trilogy.

Finally, for those who have not played the first edition we leave the Trailer of Mirror Edge to invites you to enjoy this great game in first person:

Mirror Edge Trailer