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killzone 3 Trophy Guide

"Killzone 3" is the name of the third installment of the exclusive franchise Playstation. This game Action has been developed by Guerrilla Games and main characteristic is proposing to enjoy an adventure with 3D support major graphics capabilities and a script that will surprise all the fans.

Here are ways to get all trophies existing in the game. IMPORTANT: obtaining trophies secrets could ruin the game experience, as a result have been classified outside the list of trophies. If you want to fully enjoy the gaming experience is recommended not to read this classification.

killzone 3 Trophy Guide

Trophies: Bronze:

• List for battle: Complete weapons training. [1 player]
• In your face: Run your first brutal melee attack (Brutal Melee). [1 player]
· No witnesses Destroy all the ships in the road. [1 player]
· Making cleaning: Kill 40 or more Helghast soldiers on the beach. [1 player]
· Sawn Off: Destroy all armored Senlin beach. [1 player]
· Shipwrecked smoking: Destroy all the tanks Senlin beach. [1 player]
· Turn the tables: Kill a capture agent using a melee attack. [1 player]
· Staff stabbing: Kill a Helghast using a Burster. [1 player]
· Minigunned: Destroy all targets with the mini-gun (minigun) in the "intruder." [1 player] Quick
· Output: Escape from the rig quickly. You exit the second rig in 2 minutes. [1 player]
· Shattered: Destroy all glass panels Arms South Stahl laboratories. [1 player]
· Punta pin: Heavy kills an STA-14 rifle. [1 player]
· In the evening the odds ...: Kills 500 Helghast. [1 player]
· Fighter Caged: Kill 10 Helghast using brutal melee attack (Brutal Melee). [1 player]
· Fragments were: Kill 3 Helghast using a fragmentation grenade. [1 player]
• A for each: Kill 3 Helghast using the gun-shotgun (Shotgun-Pistol), without reloading or switching weapons. [1 player]
· Eagle Eye: Kill 6 Helghast using the sniper rifle without reloading or switching weapons. [1 player]
· Power Spike: Bolt gun used to kill a Helghast with an explosive. [1 player]
° Orders and personal: Run a brutal melee attack (Brutal Melee) against another player. [Multiplayer]
· Team Player: Complete a game as part of a squadron. [Multiplayer] ¨ Doctor!: Revive a fellow player first. [Multiplayer]
· Handyman: Repairs an object for the first time. [Multiplayer]
• Now I see: Kill an enemy while remaining hidden. [Multiplayer]
· Game of Spies: Kill an enemy that is hidden. [Multiplayer]
· War on the lawn: Capture a tactical deployment point for the first time. [Multiplayer]

Silver Trophies:

• Now is personal: Kill the Helghast 1000. [1 player]
· Fight to finish: Kill the Helghast 1500. [1 player]
· Murderer nearby: Kill 25 Helghast using brutal melee attack (Brutal Melee). [1 player]
· Hand Master Hand: Kill 50 Helghast using brutal melee attack (Brutal Melee). [1 player]
. Gold: "The Victory: Complete all missions in campaign mode in Elite difficulty level. [1 player]
· Grand Slam: Win a game in 3 different modes of multiplayer. [Multiplayer] Platinum: · Platinum Trophy: Get all the trophies Killzone 3.

killzone 3 Trophy Guide

Secret Trophies: Bronze:

• It is time for a swim: Corinto River reaches the convoy. [1 player]
· Stop intruders: Help defeat the Armored Arco. [1 player]
. Do not include: Passes stealthily through the jungle, without attracting the attention of any of the Helghast. [1 player]
. ISA TV: Establish communication with the ground. [1 player]
· Superior Air: Kill 5 Helghast while on the air with the Jetpack. [1 player]
• In the den: I reached the cable car and access to weapons. [1 player]
· Jail Break: Frees arms Narville Stahl. [1 player]
· See below and remains below: Defeat the ATAC offsite Stahl. [1 player]
· Ice Cream: Destroy the white Helghast blades 4 and 6 enemy aircraft. [1 player]
· Your drive: Take control of the mobile plant. [1 player] · Bring It Down: Defeat MAWLR to defend the space elevator. [1 player]
· Complete: Destroy all weapons of MAWLR walk and aircraft. [1 player] · Frazzle Dazzle: Kill 3 Helghast a single shot with the barrel-arch StA5X. [1 player] · Force too: Use the launcher's secondary fire WASP to kill a Helghast only. [1 player]
· Spread the love: Helghast Kill 5 at a time, using the launcher's secondary fire WASP. [1 player]
· Double trouble: Complete the Corinth River in coop. [Co]
· Stranded Together: Reaches the control point "Removal" in the cooperative mode. [Co]
· Iron Man: Kill a player with the Exo in any Multiplayer mode. [Multiplayer] Gold:
· Back to home: Stahl destroys the space cruiser and leaves the planet - in any difficulty level. [1 player]