on Monday, July 04, 2011

Driving race cars cannot be all fun and excitement in a game of cars because it’s the combination of drive and while entering the adventure of combat hits a game much more adrenaline release making the game more than just an action but also adventure.

Tank-o-Box 1.2 a game that lets you drive a tank battle in extremely hazardous areas, do this because you will lose the territories of the enemy. Something very important is the ability here in Tank-o-Box 1.2 you have to overflow because the enemy will try to eliminate you in a trice.

In Tank-o-Box 1.2 your life will be put on trial because you will need to acquire skills to overcome, agility and speed not much strategy may fail attitude in the category of fighting games. Move more easily knowing your tank in the battlefield will be very important.

This game has something that cannot be complaint, a good graphic and qualitative sound which excites you while playing this game. If you want to become a true warrior enters the stage of Tank-o-Box 1.2.

License: Demo
Language: English
Size: 4.3 MB
Developer: Exclusive Games, LLC
N.A.: Windows XP / Vista
Download: Click Here