on Monday, July 04, 2011
Download Kong 1.1.0

Kong is a game that although first appearance could be confused with the popular and highly liked Donkey Kong game, but it turns out that Kong has its own differences, taking a style and guaranteed fun for all players, if it has some similarity little is clarified. First Kong has been developed to be played from an overhead perspective.

This game is characterized by having extremely violent characters, these monkeys pour in being different to those of Donkey Kong that do not throw barrels, these players here are well armed with a motley array of all kinds, making Kong a real action game.

As usual all game developers focus on presenting a game that is pretty funny and entertaining. This is precisely what is found in Kong but to enjoy discovering you will find different objectives in varying degrees. With the help of maps that will be guiding you in levels, you can find the way where action begins as you will have to eliminate anything that can stop your way.

In this game you will get help to move from one level to another, like accessories and weapons of all kinds to help you defend yourself and make it to the goal. This is a real game with an excellent graphics, effects and quality that make it an attractive Kong action game.

License: Free
Language: English
Size: 23 MB
Developer: Team Komga
N.A.: Windows 2000/XP/Vista
Download: Click here