on Monday, July 11, 2011
Myth and mythical story always attract most of us; it actually takes to the dream world which most of the time don’t even exist, old Legends and stories but mostly full of excitements. If you are attracted by mythological stories then it is logical that you like mythological games. Myth Angels Online is a game where one can see how the earth was created in the era of the Gods so you can see when Gaia and Uranus created heaven and earth when the other Gods did their work to lead peace to the human world.

Myth Angels Online

So, far the game sound promising and natural but the problem arises when Pandora open the box which gives Zeus unleashing unimaginable power where shadows are slowly taking over the but there is a problem because the Gods have decided not to get in there and nobody but Athena has realized they have to help so we have chosen you how will help. So, pick up the weapon with courage and honor and defeat anything that comes in your path.

There are 4 characters you can choose which are Guerrero, Hunter, Teacher, Pastor and those who have to choose the one you like and of course load should know that much about you, you have to fight monsters and many beasts you'll encounter along the way.

There is something innovative this game is that you marry one friend but of course must be of the opposite sex and have it in your list of lovers, a trip where the company is not bad but need to ensure the safety of your partner. A fun game that does not have to miss for any reason because it has everything you need.

As title suggests this game is Myth so better keep it that way and to enjoy being in virtual world which forms through Myth just click here