on Sunday, July 10, 2011
Karma Online

Karma Online is a free game of pure action which can be competed and compared with games like Area 51, Operation 7, Delta Force, Counter Strike and others. In this game you will have the opportunity to face other players in a game of first person shooter FPS. Can you shoot unlimited enemies, be enemy soldiers or Allies They ... Zombies!

The game is a MMOFPS free so you won't need-to invest anything to start shooting. But to play it is necessary to create an account. To do that, go to the page by Click here.

Karma Online Shooting Game

Remember when you were a kid and your mom told you "Do not go home alone"? Then, this can also be used advice in this game because the intensity of fighting is great; making it Difficult to embody a "Rambo" and leave only the maps by city only with gun in his hand.

At the time of the confrontation do not worry look in to the eyes of zombies and leave to care for enemy soldiers. The advice is shooting anything that moves. If you are injured either by shooting enemies or bitten in the neck a very useful resource is the remedy. The element can be used twice being able to regenerate the energy of the soldier.

Karma Online Shooting Game

Another important tip is to not be stopped in middle of a shoot, jump, crouch, run from one side to another, a harder target to becoming reach. Moreover, if the ammunition ends partly to another weapon, it is easier to do that to recharge an empty cartridge.

KARMA Online: Prisoners of the Dead currently has 13 Different maps serve as arenas for the real battles. Besides, there are traditional modes of play familiar to fans of MMOFPS like "free for all" or "team DeathMatch" all with a pinch of emotion when zombies are present.

Karma Online Shooting Game

As noted above, new characters are also available with the new developments within the game. When choosing a new doll that notice each has its own characteristics.

The So-Called "skills" can be improved by increasing the shooting accuracy of a particular soldier or even doing a better perception of where enemies are positioned on the map.

Size: 1.55 GB Operating system: Windows XP/Vista/7 License: Download