on Wednesday, May 11, 2011
Homefront is a war game in first person is available for Xbox 360; the game was developed by Kaos Studios and distributed by THQ. The storyline is about an economic collapse occurred in the United States 10 years ago Korean troops have launched an invasion.

So begins the game with our main character kidnapped and where he was allegedly taken to a torture insured so the way to the destination will see all sorts of crimes and evil that Koreans are the future. This is how campaign mode starts Homefront so the player will face all kinds of high-risk situations to try to escape.

Homefront has several game modes including solo or multiplayer cooperative that will allow users to play for example to capture specific areas of the stage so that in this mode you can enter more intense fighting with people.

In terms of graphics I must say they are excellent the artificial intelligence of the good characters and scenes are well crafted. If you want to download Homefront for Xbox 360 their trailers and pictures you can go to the official website.