on Wednesday, May 11, 2011
H-Craft is an interesting futuristic racing game in which one can participate and enjoy racing on tracks that are embedded in outer space and we climb to spacecraft designs really extreme and quite dynamic. The best thing is that the game has more than 28 tracks totally different spatial scenarios show us really good.

Apart from championship there is another interesting mode called “Time Attack Mode” or “rival" where you can have a party of 4 players on the same computer something not seen very often in games that support Linux.

This game can be played in both Linux as well as Windows OS. In terms of graphics I must say they are pretty good scenarios and vehicle physics are helpful as implemented in the game give it a cooler and all there is not the best in the world but if realism is quite well compared to other commercial titles.

You can download full version racin game but before check out system requirement whci is not much.To play this game you hardly need computer with 512 Mb of RAM, 2GHz processor and a video card of 128 Mb. Hence, it might run graphic properly. To download this game click here