on Friday, April 22, 2011
Vietcong Full Version Free Download

This game story are based on Vietnam in 1967 where is the great war time in Southeast Asia and your mission is to find how to finish bit by bit with this great war. If that is what we live in Vietcong a play multiplayer on where the action and adrenaline rushes in torrents. It can be that game that you will spend much time in front of the PC so you should not miss the opportunity to download free Vietcong.

So you know if you're looking for a war simulator where you cannot sit at any time for thinking you can lose the game because this is your choice as you can demonstrate the great skills that you possess with your weapons.

Remember that you game play is set in Vietnam war so you can expect great images that will put the hair on end every time you see the shots and hear the cries of the poor innocent when I shoot no SYMPATHY.

Choose between the American army and the Vietnamese because you have option for choosing both sides they are hard enough but certainly good to know how to bring peace to your people or your president.

So, it’s up to choose download or walkway.