on Saturday, April 23, 2011
Quake 3 Arena

Quake 3 Arena is a shooter game developed and distributed by the company id Software and is basically a game-style Halo PC. So the player will have the opportunity to meet a wide range of weapons that will allow clearing of different ways in the game and that some weapons are quite powerful to the point where the player can take some advantage over others.

Basically, the player may compete in different arena’s which is so called scenarios in the game. So that all players begin to be distributed in different places on the map so you must cross it thoroughly to find other Players. It means that for every death the player gets a score, which ultimately will be defined by who wins the game.

The game lets you play further through the local network or even configure items over the Internet. Although the game has nearly 10 years remains a classic shooter games. In terms of its requirements are not many, but I must say that the graphics are excellent for the time when the game was developed.

Operating System: Windows