on Tuesday, April 12, 2011
Star Defender 4 Free Download Full Version

Star Defender 4 game is a 3D spaceship where the classic struggle of a soldier intergalactic will face several enemy ships. So, in this game you have a ship that can travel at high speeds and our main objective is to roll-over to the enemy ships.

The game currently has over 100 levels where the difficulty goes up as we go enemies will become more intelligent and will become more common pitfalls so you have to pay attention to where piloted.

The first levels are really quite interesting where we destroy a few enemy ships we can move around black holes and other bugs we kill space prevent our progress.

Before going for Star Defender 4 full version download read the system requirements where your computer should have at least 512 Mb of RAM a video memory of 128 MB and at least a 1.5 GHz processor. On the other hand the game is only available for Windows.

If your computer includes similar so more than written system requirement then don’t hesitate to download.