on Tuesday, April 12, 2011
Extreme Trucker 2 Full Version Download

Extreme Trucker 2 is an interesting set of trucks also regarded as a simulator because the main objective will be to take our truck safely to our destination is along an intense scene that will prevent us from coming to the different geographical features that are may arise in the land on which we travel.

Furthermore, each scenario will have a different level of difficulty though not always command the same vehicle as we will be in exchange for a 35 trucks transporting goods including important company and that's just the storyline of the game.

Throughout the game we will see that important work in a company that transports goods so our duty is to do a thriving business doing to get all products to our customers and as carriers of all that good to get healthy and we should make saved.

The requirements to play this game are not much. Simply contain a computer with at least 512 MB of RAM and a video memory of at least 64 MB so you can run the game and see the graphics at 100% without any problem. If your computer has defined system requirements the go for Extreme Trucker 2 full version download by clicking here.