on Thursday, April 14, 2011
There are many people who really like aeronautics so today I come to present Flight Simulator X which is a flight simulator where we can fly as high as we've always imagined yet type aircraft. Well, Flight Simulator X is an open source simulator where you can change things that seem a little irrational. I must say that this is already the seventh installment Flight Simulator which is considered one of the best and most played flight simulators. So you should not miss any time in this fun game.

Flight Simulator X

This brings a lot of realism in comparison to other games so you have to do your total dedication to learn quickly from the controls of the same, something that certainly have to do quickly, but do not think everything is nice because requirements are quite high so you have to do that you can cover them completely so you do not bring any disappointment, Flight Simulator X have at your disposal the full panoply of aircraft so that there cannot complain at any time Download Flight Simulator X Full Version.