on Thursday, April 14, 2011
If you want to get entertained by playing first person game then today this blog present Deimos Combat. This game doesn’t require installing anything because you can run this game by just opening. This is a game which consumes lesser system requirements. Hence, you can play game without thinking much about your computer hardware.

This game hardly size 50 MB which might sound impossible claiming it a good game but no matter what is the most interesting game. Though the file size of this game is very less but the entertainment that you are about get while playing this game is no lesser.

Now graphs can be said to have the most essential without leaving it heavy for what will undoubtedly be one that will captivate you and may become a favorite in your great list games.

So if they're seeking fun by playing game then this might be your one time opportunity to do so because you can download free Deimos Combat from blow giving links.

This is a license free game which just 50 MB but requires nVidia GeForce3.Graphic card and you can download this game from here.