on Saturday, April 16, 2011
FEAR Multiplayer

FEAR Multiplayer Demo is the online version of the popular game FEAR which will have the opportunity to visit interesting and seasoned maps that can compete with other gamers online so the game is very similar to the known Halo.

The game has a variety of maps quite varied as have sites with corridors and dimly lit so even we can make snipers and almost entirely avoid being seen. On the other hand weapons are realistic. Banta because each has certain points that are advantages and disadvantages, so some have more precision than others or others will have more power to shock.

Similarly, we can access various modes of play less than shooter games we already know, on the other hand, the game's graphics are exceptional and have been improved for this version, i.e. they have adapted to multiplayer.

In summary, FEAR multiplayer is an interesting game with excellent graphics mu and ideal for amateur shooters...Download