on Saturday, April 16, 2011
Bikez II Free Full Version

Bikez II is a fun action game and motorcycle racing where players a very similar style type game Grand Theft Auto will be able to fulfill various missions all full of action and danger. What really makes the game special is that the scenario in general is really great very similar to GTA where we can drive over a huge city.

Different missions also make the game lose the monotony that almost always go on a bike but not everything will be easy as driving our motorcycle but it will also be behind the police to arrest us they'll do the role of a rebel do not know which side is if the good or evil.

Bikez II has a pretty good scenario and the best is that it requires many hardware resources for l ouch if you have a machine with at least 300 MHz processor 64 MB of RAM and at least DirectX 7 we can run the game without problems so as you can see the game has good graphics and runs almost on any machine...Download