on Saturday, March 26, 2011
Free Theme Hospital

If you are a person who always wanted become a doctor the I bet you like this game “Theme Hospital” where you can unleash your imagination and you can create your own medical clinic to treat all people of the city can build imaginary line you progress through the game. No doubt a dream come true for any child who always wanted become a doctor and find a cure for various diseases that are common in real life, we’ll all that you can do when you start to download Free Theme Hospital.

Always remember that you have a full clinic at your disposal and it’s not easy to work alone so you need to hire doctors, nurses, receptionists and very well kept clear to keep the clinic a better look. Theme Hospital is certainly a great game where we demonstrate a meaning of life. Remember that your responsibility it to take care of many people who come every day so you have to be very careful when you operate or touch any kind of treatment. All these things you can play Theme Hospital.

The graphics of this game are very good can present enough realism in this game which no doubt will cease to do anything. I must say that in order to attract people you have to maintain good hygiene for everyone because there are lot of competition and if you don’t play good you gonna lose. Your basic target is to make your clinic best in the city.

This is a license free game which hardly requires only 512 MB of ram and any windows right from 98 to 7, just give a hit download this game.