on Saturday, March 26, 2011
PC Red Eclipse

If you're looking for a game like Counter Strike then why don’t you try playing “Red Eclipse” which gives a great similarity that cannot pass because it is pretty good? You can really enjoy playing because this as is totally made for people who like FPS and why not live a long time of excitement in some of the most dangerous missions.

Something I should tell you is that a Red Eclipse is a free game so you need not pay a dime and even better as it is available for Mac, Linux and Windows. So that no user will be out to prove that this game no doubt a good clone of Counter Strike.

Now to talk about the graphics and as well to be a clone of Counter Strike I must say it has great attributes and good detail for each scenario so do not let you down or be left with no doubt that this can replace other games in your collection. Red Eclipse download for PC from the following links will provide you below.

This is license free game works on all windows operating system requires only 2.0 GHZ processing speed and 512 Megabyte of RAM and 128 Video card. If you want to test this game then download from below given links.

Download Red Eclipse (Windows)
Download Red Eclipse (Mac)
Download Red Eclipse (Linux)