on Thursday, August 11, 2011
Death Connection PortableReleases are pretty scarce this month it has always been Japanese games I think they are releasing games in that country almost everyday if not then weekly.

Maybe demand is high there. How about USA and EUROPE gamers and the rest of Asia? Oh I know maybe Developers and Publishers wouldn't want to waste investing their money for something they couldn't get ROI of due to piracy.

Well well well it's been known that the security keys of PS3 was found and so similar was used on PSP which opened the hackers to more dig deep into opening the secrets of SONY leading to more piracy.

Anyways I am getting off topic now. I should be writing about the title of this release which I cannot think of because it is Japanese and I am kinda lazy searching for it so off for now and cheers.

Oh right I will upload this on torrent megaupload and maybe rapidshare I will try to fix it as well. Since this is Japanese hopefully TEAMHGG translate it to English or some other team.