on Monday, August 08, 2011
Well what's up??? torrents? Oh yeah after being major major happy with all the ga mes coming out this month it felt to me like it's the end of the world :( for torrents

Why??? Dang my new forum who's gaining traffic was erased without any warning from the Host I feel like a sitting duck always hunted by hax0rs and feds with so much competition and legalities it just totally ***s my friend.

I've spent months gathering 2500+ games and all of a sudden walla it's gone just like a bubble exploded out of the blue.

Now I am feeling like I won't continue providing gam es anymore but I thought is that how weak I am??? Come on r0ck you rock don't you? well people who rock's can't be messed up with just that!!! It's not the end of the world reversal are part of the plan...

Right enough of that drama I hope everything get's okay and I am hoping my database would come back if not it is till okay I can start all over again...

Name: Patapon 3.iso
Size: 1.6GB