on Monday, August 08, 2011

Just another advance post of the night to get on top of all the torrents and if you say singular that's torrent after that I will put it on megaupload because I have a premium account there as well as rapidshare is feasible and maybe others.

I look forward for cheats as well because this is gonna be difficult to beat according to Mr. Barber or better yet cwcheat then convert it to cso to save some space on my memory stick or I will rip this using a ripkit and remove unnecessary and boring cut-scenes I would share savedata or gamesave for you all because I am cool.

But I wonder how to fix it as I am going to assume that it is protected nah I'm just gonna wait until someone patches it. I have no idea what I just above if you think the article is cool leave a comment and be brave enough to Uhmmm I don't know cant think of anything else to say.

Name: Monster Hunter Freedom 3.iso
Size: 1.3 GB
Download (Single Link)