on Monday, August 08, 2011
Another new gift ha ha ha I told you. Developers and Publishers will start popping out their games to market them now. It's just about time and it's just about time for the scene communities to make them available for us.

Cheers to the sceners for all the games specially the new one's. Right so again what's new about this? Of course this is English version. Oh what's up with it? Well you know what I'm gonna tell you?! No??? Okay let me tell you... Tadaa... I don't know hahaha. As always I cannot play 2500+ games just to tell you how it is played , features etc. and I do not have time to read on any site Official or not what they are all about.

If you want you can volunteer and write details for me leave via the comments or go at the forums and write for me there or reply on any of the games. Right time to tell Mr. G what he should be looking for here.

Let me tell you where I got this file or better yet guess... Hmmm You don't know do you? Answer is torrent Yes Torrent and megaupload and rapidshare as well where else? boink idk bye now...

Name: Valkyria Chronicles 2.ISO
Size: 1GB (1081735168 bytes)