on Saturday, August 20, 2011
Alright I am back again this has been a draft since last week, I had to look over my son and almost did not had time going online, Ooops no not all to be exact I did not even check my mails. I spent some time reading details about this so I'll be discussing what it is.

It all starts with "freak" (misspelled in purpose) a little demon who discovered a trident, Being a demon he lives on what they call the netherworld. He became amazed and inspired with the magic that the trident makes and wanted to ascend to heaven and change, that's where the adventure begins. While making his way out of hell, He encounters different monsters, Using the trident you can turn them into useful tools which in turn becomes useful during the adventure.

I read that it is in full 3D, But I am not expecting that much as I've tried minis and I got disappointed. While waiting for UFC Undisputed 2010 and Harvest Moon Hero of Valley this is not bad to try.

Name: Freekscape Escape From Hell.iso
Size: 103 MB