on Saturday, August 20, 2011
Hello folks I was late in publishing this but I will still post it anyway as I just had the time doing so.

Look at the picture or the front cover, You want more of that don't you? Well All you need to do is go at the bottom of this page and click the button to save it on your hard drive and trasnfer it later on your Memory Stick. I know you want it. To be honest I have no idea about this but for sure this is quite designed for pereverts like me hahaha.

I saw screenshots and I just read the details and I am 100% sure you will like this without regrets but as you play it may get to the boring point when your satiated with the girls and their bikinis. I hope they make some kind of patch like the one's they've made on The Sims City where everything is possible if you know what I mean if not do not bother knowing, I wont tell you anyway :)

Please take note that this is working and tested on GEN D-3 and GEN-C only I am not sure is it is working on M33. Try and let me know if it works.

Name: Dead or Alive Paradise.iso
Size: 829.81 MB