on Thursday, August 18, 2011
There are many people looking for this title and they are asking if I have one but to be honest there never were versions of it for the PlayStation Portable. It was release for Nintendo DS, PC, MAC iPhone but not for P SP.

If you ever landed here looking for PS P version then sorry you came to the wrong place, as I said above they never ported it on our beloved console but do not be sad because I have a file for your computer because I know you like it badly so go at the bottom of this page and d0wnload.

It seem to be a high demand all over the world, maybe this is fun to play for real I wish i have an iPhone or at least an iPod touch so I can play it whenever I go specially when on a queue or something....

This is just a small executable no keys, crack, activation needed just install and start playing... I forgot who to credit I just saw this on forums but I forgot which :D thanks to you (the source) whomever you are (peace).

Name: Plants vs Zombies.iso
Size: 28.45 MB (29,831,274 bytes)