on Thursday, August 18, 2011
I can't think of anything to write but this cai wenji sounds controversial to me I am trying to search what it is or who the heck he is but I cannot find one. Maybe his is the heroin on the geam. This was release last month but no one made it available until today and please note that this is not English but japanese.

So please do not ask for an English version because there never was or this was never made available in the west. It is confusing what the genre is I've been reading several sites and they are giving out different information IGN says it is strategy, wiki says hack and slash GS says Beat Em up so what should I put it?

Well that does not matter now I'll just label it as strategy since that's what I saw first and so be it. Wait so who is cai wenji? Can we look for him on torrents? I doubt it maybe on megaupload? Nope I do not think so because I am putting him on adrive so goodluck to me.

Name: Dynasty Warriors 6 Empires.iso
Size: 1.1GB (1230897152 bytes)