on Thursday, August 18, 2011
My cousins went at home last night and they saw my console, I was in front of my computer doing something and they asked where I d0wnload the saved files on my PlayStation Portable. I told them I have my own site and this is where I get them. Now this cousins of mine wanted new gam-s so I let them copied what's on my hard drive I was happy because I saw there faces smiling and they were so excited as if it's there first time seeing those new ga-mes.

I told this cousins of mine that there are walkthroughs that they can read to easily finish it specifically for this title and the walkthrough can be found on IGN or through googel.

That's how the story went and notice those wrong spellings? Yes sir I did them for a purpose :D so please just ignore them or my cousins will get mad at you... Something to take note of this is a USA version defintely in english...

Name: Me and My Katamari.iso
Size: 1.6GB (1768947712 bytes)