on Thursday, August 18, 2011
This is an original Japanese gaem which came out last 2004 and then a USA version came out after Nov. 2009 to be exact. A flash version was also developed for this but when you try to search for details about it you'll find few.

Maybe this isn't popular because when you go to review sites they never bother wrote any articles about it, IGN just copied details from the official source but that's it. They did not rate it either there were users and critic scores though.

I have no plans playing this I just want to have something to publish here but I am hoping one of you guys get and try this otherwise I'll be sad, another waste of time and effort for me I could have save some bandwidth. :(

Note: this is USA version so it is definitely in english.

Name: Crimson Room Reverse.iso
Size: 114.6MB (120123392 bytes)