on Wednesday, October 07, 2009
That's right The S1mps0ns for the PlayStation Portable. If you've been a fan of the cartoon series, the movie etc. then this is for you IGN gave it a score of 7.0 dubbed decent.

Looking on the front cover I would say it looks cool, funny and maybe wacky as I haven't played it myself and maybe never will because I have no time. I've been busy since I started this site and I am planning to add more and more g4mes specially new ones.

I am not sure if cheats is necessary for this but It wont hurt if you try to use one, Hope your cheats works :) and one of the features that this provides is the online play I'm not just sure about that if you can play online because I am just playing with that keyword. This is also available on arcades if you went out on a mall with your friends try to hit run them and stuff them up with cheats. Right I hope this is enough.

Name: The Simpsons Game.cso
Size: 242.9MB (254675542 bytes)