on Wednesday, October 07, 2009
I like racing,I actually have this on my console including Need for Speed Shift the new Gran Turismoand NFS Undercover which I'm still trying to finish.

Comparing those that I mentioned I rate Undercover the best because of controls and g4me play. It is more exciting and fun when playing, The difficulty is superb and the cars are cool.

Others like NFS-Shift were boring and poor camera angle. GT is more of a real driving simulation which I do not prefer.

Although I haven't played much of it I didn't like the graphics same with NFS-Shift it had to have like a replay when the car bumps into something then it will continue which is annoying looses your focus during the race.

I liked Ridge Racer on my PS1 my elder brother and I enjoyed playing this in the past but there's quite difference when playing on PSP.

That's all I can say about this gam3 just d0wnload it for free and play it for yourself if you haven't done so.

P.S. This is a rip game which is smaller than the original saved file.

Name: Ridge Racer 2.cso
Size: 206.1MB (216157831 bytes)