on Thursday, October 01, 2009
Another old school post that no one might download lol.

This was released last June 17, 2007. Two years past, I did put this on my 3003 and my Nephew did like it,

It was just a trial back then when ChickHEN hasnt arrive on the scene.

Even though it was trial I could say that the experience is good and the graphics is superb add the controls and the sound. Enemies are like farts though :D typical kiddy g4mes.

As Clank, you're hot on the trail of clues that will prove the innocence of Ratchet, who is jailed for a crime he didn't commit.

With a super spy's collection of guns, gadgets and gizmos at your disposal can you free your best pal?

Name: Secret Agent Clank.cso
Size: 232.3MB (243599992 bytes)