on Thursday, October 01, 2009
Alright this time a newly released game that is working.

I heard a lot of people on the forums were having a hard time making this game to work so here you go an already patched game that is tested to work on 5.50 GEN B2.

I did not decrypt the game myself so whomever did I want to thank him/her personally. So what is this game all about? Well If your not a Naruto fan then you should be,

I've been watching Naruto since it came out and still watching episodes whenever there is new. If you want to watch it to know more about Naruto then crunchyroll is the best site to look into.

Okay too much of that bubbling. Go ahead and download the game and report back on the comments if it worked or not.

Name: Naruto-Shippuden-Legends-Akatsuki-Rising.iso
Size: 735MB (770742272 bytes)


I just made this working on my PSP 3003 and Im now playing the game.

Update: How to make this game working on any CFW:

The files you need:

2.An already Patch EBOOT.BIN(I patch this using Yoshihiro's Decrypter v3

1. Open UMDGen v4
2. Clik Open then locate Naruto-Shippuden-Legends-Akatsuki-Rising.iso
3. Click File List Export
4. Save the file as Naruto.txt or whatever you want.
5. Click the + sign beside PSP_GAME
6. Highlight or click SYSDIR folder
7. Drag the EBOOT.BIN that you downloaded here
8. Confirm to replace when it ask you to do so.
9. Click File List Import
10. Locate Naruto.txt
11. Click Yes if it ask you to force file positions to match Filelist options
12. Click Save and name the the file with whatever you want (I suggest you do not overwrite the original file so it serve as a backup in case you did something wrong)
13. Put the game on the ISO folder of your memory stick.