on Wednesday, September 23, 2009
I like the moves of the characters here but you need to learn each or at least your favorite player's moves to win against an opponent easily. That's what move is all about, it is very important to take note that I am just bubbling so ignore this okay.

This came from a rom but Im not sre what rom I am taking about here because we need to convert it into an EBOOT rather than using it on an emulator therefore u will need a rom but that's not we really need. What we should use is POPs plugin.

Torrent again what the hack why is torrent so popular? and is there so small competition with torrent? Now I am planning on creating my own tracker site :)

Note: Updated with an already converted working eboot.

Name: Street Fighter EX2 Plus.iso
Size: 218.2MB (228817820 bytes)