on Wednesday, September 23, 2009
This is one of my favorite which all of the series I played on my PS1.

As a matter of fact I am currently playing the 1st release and I'm about to finish it.

After which I will convert 2nd and finish it then the 3rd series.

Just a little info about this, The gome's story is about the discovery of a "Mojo" that can turn anyone into a mutant a loyal one.

Which Neo Cortex, plans to use to turn everyone in Wumpa Islands to become his Army and be called as "Titans".

Now it is your mission to stop Cortex while collecting "Mojo".

This is just a typical gam3 where you collect apples to add a life.

You crash boxes jump on them etc. and use them in case you die in the middle of the geam.

Name: Crash of the Titans.cso
Size: 564.8MB (592200985 bytes)