on Saturday, July 09, 2011

Big Sky is a side-scrolling “shmup’ that revels in huge explosions and screen-filling effects. You take control of a small spaceship on an unknown mission, constantly flying to the right and blasting down enemy ships along the way. As you take down the baddies, you’ll encounter boss battles and huge meteors that must be overcome.
Really Big Sky is a proper, red-blooded, co-op enabled, mind melting, eye bursting, arcade inspired space shoot ‘em up! Play with up to 3 buddies as you blast your way through the universe leaving nothing but destruction in your wake as you plough through waves of bad aliens!
Be the Hero
Can you save [your planet] from utter annihilation? Of course you possibly could, especially when you’re armed to the teeth with gloriously overpowered weaponry! They’ve given you a really splendid spaceship and they’re not expecting it back.
  • 7 fleshed out game modes
  • Procedurally generated gameplay
  • Giant, dynamic bosses
  • 15 enemies
  • 4 Player Co-op
  • Perk and powerup system
  • Full narration from a cheeky cockney AI
  • Full tutorial
  • Fly through gas giants
  • Smash through solid planets and asteroids
  • Comprehensive stat and performance recording system
  • Online highscores for each game modeFight back with own stock of secret, overpowered weapons
  • Loads of unusual gameplay altering events from blackholes to wormholes
  • Full Xbox 360 controller support
Publisher: Boss Baddie
Developer: Boss Baddie
Genre: Action, Casual, Arcade, Shooter, Indie
Release name: Really.Big.Sky.v2.01.full-THETA
Size: 101MBDownloadFiLESERVE