on Friday, July 08, 2011
Boxing is something that drives every diehard sole crazy, to make you crazier this blog free and full version games brings K.O champs Online. This is online boxing world where you can start your career being a guy who just wants to become wrestler goes similar like it goes in real world. If you want to taste the real pressure in this game then you have to show the similar intensity that you express while you join some real boxing club.

K.O. Champs Online Download

This is great boxing game where you can build your entire career online. Talking about game play and controls I must say that controls are bit harder but after going through tutorial and bit of practice you can learn how punch like a real boxers.

This is an interesting online boxing game where you can invite your friends so that they can to get inside the skin of greatest fighters and fight with or against you. This game has a good graphic which required internet connection with good bandwidth. If you have a computer with satisfactory internet connection then you can start kicking some real virtual fighters online.

Click here to download this free online game.