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Gratuitous Space Battles v1.42 - Retail (2010)
Gratuitous Space Battles v1.42 - Retail (2010) 
Mac OS X | Publisher: Red Marble | Developer: Positech | 83 Mb
Genre: Strategy

Gratuitous Space Battles Collectors Edition has all of the features of the basic version plus all three of the expansion packs including The Tribe, The Order, and The Swarm.

Who needs backstory Who needs resourcegathering Diplomacy is so last year. Gratuitous Space Battles cuts right to the chase of scifi strategy games, and deals with large, completely unjustified space battles between huge opposing space fleets.

Gratuitous Space Battles combines the visual appeal of an RTS, with the addictive unitplacement and design gameplay from tower defense games. In GSB, the player does not control individual ships at all during battle. The ships fight to a predetermined set of orders and formations given to them by you before the battles.

GSB casts you as supreme space admiral, tasked with the design of individual spaceships, and the composition of your fleet, as well as general orders of engagement. This is not a twitchbased real time arcade game like many an RTS, but a game of careful thought, planning and bigpicture strategy. Huge space battles can be won or lost depending on just how cleverly you balanced the needs of defensive shielding and armor against the expensive punch of laser cannons and plasma torpedoes.

GSB also features an innovative multiplayer challenge system. You can upload your ultimate fleet to serve as the enemy to other players, and keep track of how many other players have won and lost against your challenge. That way, you will never run out of cunningly designed enemies to battle against!


4 different unlockable player races
Over 40 different ship hulls
Over 120 spaceship modules
Choice of skirmish vs AI, neverending survival mode or play against other player’s fleets with the online challenge system
Play with different rules as each battle has different spatial anomalies to deal with.


Gratuitous Space Battles v1.42 - Retail (2010)

Gratuitous Space Battles v1.42 - Retail (2010)

Gratuitous Space Battles v1.42 - Retail (2010)

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