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EverQuest Titanium (REQ)
EverQuest Titanium (REQ)
PC | English | Publisher:Sony Online Entertainment | Developer:Sony Online Entertainment | 3.35GB
Genre: Adventure | Fantasy

Includes the original Everquest and ten Expansion Packs. EverQuestDepths of Darkhollow lets you see Norrath through the eyes of some of its fearsome and powerful creatures. Step into the forms of unusual creatures and use their unique abilities to do battle against their ancient foes! EverQuestOmens Of War lets you follow the Wayfarers Brotherhood to the warravaged Realm of Discord. Its rumored that they intend to invade Norrath, and youll into their countrys battlescarred plateaus to find out. EverQuestGates Of Discord is an allnew adventure in a new part of Norrath. A mage named Calliav has seen a vision of strange new beasts and a faroff land. He has seen an army called the Legion of Mata MuramThey are the greatest threat to Norrath ever unleashed, and youll fight them in allout war! Also includes Lost Dungeons Of Norrath, The Scars Of Velious and Shadows Of Luclin.

EverQuest Classic + 10 Expansions:
The Ruins of Kunark expansion
The Scars of Velious expansion
The Shadows of Luclin expansion
The Planes of Power expansion
The Legacy of Ykesha extension
The Lost Dungeons of Norrath expansion
The Gates of Discord expansion
The Dragons of Norrath expansion
The Omens of War expansion
The Depths of Darkhollow expansion

EverQuest Titanium (REQ)

EverQuest Titanium (REQ)

EverQuest Titanium (REQ)