on Monday, July 04, 2011
Jade Dynasty is an interesting game of fantasy themed entirely on Asian martial arts, so basically one of the main goals of the game will all become masters in the art of fighting, although obviously not as easy as in the game there are dozens of difficulties with each level went up.

Upon starting you can choose one of the many characters available for this game, each character has unique characteristics and may even gain new special techniques as the game progresses, so this is what really makes the game interesting; there will always be new attack techniques to learn.

Jade Dynasty

On the other hand, this game has excellent graphics, this section has very good effects that make the landscapes looks so realistic, but not always leave a good impression. Sound effect is also quite likely and adds up pleasure on game.

In short, Jade Dynasty is an excellent shooter with great graphics and fight, although the storyline is not so good, but still worth playing.