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Deux Ex 2 - Invisible War (2008/ENG/FLT)

Deux Ex 2 - Invisible War (2008/ENG/FLT)
Year: 2008 l Platform: PC l Language: English l Developer: Ion Storm l Publisher: Eidos Interactive l 1.41 GB
Genre: Action (Shooter) / 3D / 1st Person

Deux Ex 2: Invisible War takes place twenty years after the events, reflected in the first game. You'll still take on the role of Alex, who at this time, to fight evil. After a global catastrophe that occurred as a result of technological breakthroughs, humanity began to restore the world literally from the ashes. Similarly, the moment of course wanted to take some political and religious groups. They are a very well understand that system, created now, will last decades or even hundreds of years. And if you find a place in the sun right now - you can not know the problems the rest of his life. But at what cost? At the cost of human suffering? At the cost of tens, no ... hundreds of thousands of lives? Alex can not let this happen.

Required actions: 
1. Install the game (start with the first, then the second image)
2. Install patch (a file called DXIW_1.2_Patch.exe) - with the appearance of menus with the question of versions of the game - click "US"
3. Copy the file DX2.exe from folder Crack in the game folder, click "Replace / Overwrite"
The game is ready to launch.

You can choose to install:
1. Texture upgrade pack (file DX-IW Texture Pack.exe) - improves texture. As in the case with the patch, point out that the version of the game "US"
2. Russifikator (file DXInvisibleWar [rus]. Exe) run, specify the directory where you installed the game, and you have a Russian game Deus Ex: Invisible War (text only)

System Requirements:
- Pentium 4/Athlon 1.3 GHz
- 256 MB of memory,
- GeForce 3 Ti / 4 Ti / FX or Radeon 8500/9XXX,
- 2 GB HDD

Deux Ex 2 - Invisible War (2008/ENG/FLT)
Deux Ex 2 - Invisible War (2008/ENG/FLT)
Deux Ex 2 - Invisible War (2008/ENG/FLT)

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