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Command and Conquer: Generals Project Raptor (2011/MULTI2/MOD)
Command and Conquer: Generals Project Raptor (2011/MULTI2/MOD)
PC | ENG/RUS | Developer: EA / DetroyT; TipaIvan | Publisher: Spring Lark | 2011 | 2.47 GB
Genre: Strategy (Real-time) / 3D / MOD

This is a continuation of the epic Command & Conquer Generals: Zero Hour with a huge number of innovations. The game adds a new faction - Militia. Militia is unrealized EA side of the generals. Project Raptor raises the bar for high graphic games, and above all its dynamics. Improved micro-games, but despite that PR is the embodiment of every possible strategy to generals fighting against massive super weapon to use.

- The new level of graphics for Generals Zero Hour
- Fixed a huge number of improvements are not the original game
- Improved AI
- New types of units that have no restrictions on firing range
- New kinds of tactics for every general and the possibility of
(For example Helicopters EMP missiles, the rebels firing in the air, tanks, snipers, etc.)
- Fixed 80% mistmatchey 7.0
- A huge amount of money coming at the expense of the generals
- Are all the missions of all the games along with video
- Runs absolutely everything-from chelledzhera to the Missions, also added three bonus missions
- More than a hundred new cards!

System requirements:
- Intel Pentium III 1,8 MHz or AMD Athlon;
- 256 MB RAM;
- 64MB 3D-Video Adapter AGP slot under (GeForce2 or ATI Radeon 7500),
- 16-bit sound card, also compatible with DirectX 8.1;
- Keyboard and mouse.

Additional Information:
Project Raptor 8.3 is the latest to date version of the mod.
From the time of 01.08 was a long time, version 8.2 is not given away, and it pumps a separately accounted.
Version 8.3 contains all mutations, of which about 200 points.
Were fixed critical bugs and disbalansnye matchup, replaced non-working cards and added to sea battles.

Also there is a significant change in the schedule, the new effects of explosions, water, traces of missiles, etc.
+ Added a few new units.

8.3 multipatch.
Departures have been corrected in the missions and something in the competition of the generals.

To play on the network must use Hamachi:

Project Raptor 8.3 Room № 1
Project Raptor 8.2 Room № 3
Project Raptor 8.0 Room № 2
-No password
As the fill will create new networks.
In the game folder there prog to quickly change the keys.

Fully automated!
Important: after you install or remove the checkbox "Start the application"
(Game will not start, and activated). Otherwise, further-more-ready.

Within the established game, there are 4 bonus:
- SdKeyFixer program is to change the keys in a network game.
- Folder ZhData-to run on Win 7 64 bit!
- Generals.csf-return game in English and hotkeys
- Mini-disk images to run the game. Daemon Tools to mount any version.

Command and Conquer: Generals Project Raptor (2011/MULTI2/MOD)
Command and Conquer: Generals Project Raptor (2011/MULTI2/MOD)
Command and Conquer: Generals Project Raptor (2011/MULTI2/MOD)