on Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Black Prophecy (2011/MULTI2)

PC | ENG/EU | Developer: Reakktor Media | Publisher: Gamigo | 2011 | 5.89 GB
Genre: MMO Simulator (Space) / RPG / 3D

Black Prophecy - space MMO, in which you will become a pilot of space fighter, to take part in hundreds of PvE missions and epic battles with other players, create a clan with an opportunity to rebuild the space station or the base. Well, or go to the pirates and hunt for any unsuspecting travelers and commercial vehicles.

Advanced graphics and physics - to create a modern game engine used by breathtaking visuals created by
Focus on Action - Black Prophecy in contrast to other cosmological simulations will be focused on action, specifically to fight themselves, therefore there will not be long and tedious travel and other essentially useless nudyatiny.
Large-scale PvP battles - battles involving many players, as well as the battle for the cosmo-station missions and PvP
The game's plot invented - Michael Marrak, distinguished author of science fiction
The modular system of ships - every ship will be composed of dozens of modules that can replace or modify their settings, etc.
Modification of the modules - the players will be able to modify any modules
Clan space station - the clans will be able to create modular space station themselves by choosing which modules they need, and what does not.
Wars for resources - be srazhatsya clans for control of the resource-extracting stations

By mid-century, mankind has reached XXVI outstanding heights in space exploration and colonized many planets. Its advance units to conquer new sectors were the two competing species: Cyborg tuay (Tyi) and artificial biological organisms geniden (Geniden).
Exploring the far reaches of the universe, the pioneers came upon a very aggressive alien race, declaring war on humanity. By joining tuay or geniden, the player will be involved in their internecine conflicts, perform the "civilian" job and, of course, to fight with alien invaders.

System Requirements:
CPU 2.4 Ghz, RAM 1Gb, GPU 256 Mb, DirectX 9.0
Recommended configuration
CPU Core 2 Duo 2.4 GHz, RAM 2 Gb, GPU 512 Mb, DirectX 9.0
DSL / Cable

Installing and Running
Run the file "BPClientSetup_EU.exe"
Install the game
Upon completion of a successful installation, create an account *
The game is ready to launch