on Saturday, June 11, 2011
Tremulous Free Game Download

In Tremulous can say that we will fight in a relentless fight where if we would be dangerously neglecting the fact that we will be a group of marines who are beginning to fight aliens who are dangerous enough as the only mission to kill all humans go through them front. The good thing about this game is the freedom to choose between the two sides as can be a Marine or just an alien that is destined to end human life, but no matter what side you choose and you can destroy the structures so this gives a touch of realism.

The dynamics of this game is something like if you happen to be in human’s side you can earn extra point that you can use to upgrade your weapons. With weapon your mission is to exterminate everything that comes upon you. As an Alien, all you need to do is kill human as much as you can which boost your improvement and let you be new and improved Alien with tremendous power.

Before expecting much about graphic you should know that this is completely free game so quite demanding too much. So, download this free game by clicking here