on Monday, May 16, 2011
Thor: God of Thunder is an action adventure game in the third person mode where we will be in the shoes of the god of thunder, Thor. The storyline is simple and without many complications as basically a series of enemies invade the homeland of Thor and we arm ourselves to go into battle to avoid the worst of disasters.

Thor: God of Thunder Review

The character has different ways of attacking a rival most of them can use the powerful hammer but can also cast spells and thunder that make the variety of attacks even more especially because in the course of history we will learn new forms of attack.

The downside of the game is that neither the storyline nor the game because it offers interactivity to make the game fun so there are no puzzles or interaction with other characters or objects as we limit ourselves to the exploration and struggle with many enemies.

Thor: God of Thunder is also available for PlayStation 3, Nintendo Wii and Nintendo DS, official launch was on 29 April 2011.