on Tuesday, May 03, 2011
Greedy Car Thieves is an interesting game for Linux similar to Grand Theft Auto II. Similarly, this game also includes the element of roaming anywhere in a huge city, using weapons, fighting other enemies or even use of foreign cars. So, this game might be great alternative of GTA on Linux.

Greedy Car Thieves Linux Game

The game also has interesting alternative arguments; basically it’s about two friends who have known since childhood and now being adult are parted ways. One of friend is working for the side of the law and the other for the mafia. The game also includes other game modes besides the story mode where we can take on other players and participate in intense firefights, car theft and more.

In the game we can share the two sides either side of the law and bad side which also includes a Multiplayer with several game modes like capture the flag, death math, one to one, among other interesting modes of play.

This game has moderate system requirement which is:-

  • 512 Mb of RAM
  • 1.5 Ghz processor
  • 128 MB of video.

The game is available for both Windows and Linux platform. Get this game...