on Wednesday, May 04, 2011
Apocalypse Motor Racers

In this futuristic world you reach the point where competition for natural resources has disastrous results. World War III was responsible for destroying the World's major cities forcing the survivors to flee to other places in search of better opportunities. The ruins of this apocalyptic world it became a sport Levels radical cruelty never seen before. Apocalypse Motor Racers allows the player to control a car modified with combat weapons in which the aim is to get first place although you need to leave the smoldering remains of the opponents on the road.

Apocalypse Motor Racers

Apocalypse Motors Racers can be considered a mixture of Twisted Metal with the latest games on the Burnout series. The influence of the first game is visible in the appearance of arming and used vehicles including machine guns, rockets and dangerous mines. The elements removed from criterion games are in the organization of competitions. In addition to the stages that cross the finish line first is not enough, there are times when the important thing is simply to destroy as many enemies as possible.

Every victory gained you gain give you medal and money as a reward. With the profits earned, the player can unlock new races and invest in improvements to the vehicle, including more space for ammunition and improve the speed of the installation of advanced arming.

Apocalypse Motor Racers

Controls Apocalypse Motor Racers are simple and have all the commands on the keyboard. While arrows are responsible for directional movement of the vehicle chosen X drives a powerful machine gun and Ctrl is responsible for operating the turbo.

Motor Racers Apocalypse is recommended especially for those who like the destruction, but do not want to spend hours downloading a game. With various cars, tracks and ways to explore, the title is guaranteed fun. Download