on Saturday, April 16, 2011
Urban Terror Free Download

Urban Terror itself is a game where you face off against real terrorists and not to be missed for any reason because it will not be easy to clean the streets of these thugs who roam imposing terror. The good thing about this game is that it allows you choose either marine or terrorist so you should see the side of your choice as it can be wrong or harder but if you're a Marine you know that you will defend the world from this scourge and your endless sole mission is to kill all of them.

In this Urban Terror game it is very different now if you are a terrorist because you must put an end to everything that moves with the sole purpose of spreading terror in the most vicious ways. This game uses graphics engine of Quake III and that’s the reason why scenarios are more detailed.

The weapons used here are from the most original and very realistic and it is completely introduces you to a totally different world where our survival depends on how we cling to life with all the bad ending. Urban Terror born with the idea of showing what the Marines living when faced with this group of very well organized and very dangerous, remember that will not be easy because they can have better weapons than you. Just Grab this game and get in action.