on Thursday, April 07, 2011
The big game Super Street Fighter IV 3D is already in the arena of video gamers giving positive feelings openly through the spectacular work done by Capcom for Nintendo 3D console.

This blog brings a great collection of tips for Super Street Fighter IV 3D in which we recommend you use so you can move or unlock some content with a little help.

Super Street Fighter IV Cheats 3D:

Fight against Akuma: It makes playing the Arcade mode without losing once and having obtained at least a perfect victory, there after facing the fighter Seth you can enjoy the battle against the dreaded Akuma.

Alternative Character fight: Hold down the "R" when prompted by the rival.

Get Special Title: Defeating the fighter Akuma, and unlock "Akuma Killer."

Super Street Fighter IV 3D Cheats

Super Street Fighter IV Rewards 3D

  • Blue Character: Complete Arcade mode.
  • Red Character: Complete Arcade Mode on Hard Mode.
  • Character Plata 1: Forward 2 different challenges.
  • Character Plata 2: Forward 3 different challenges.
  • Character Plata 3: Forward 4 different challenges.
  • Character Plata 4: Passing 6 different challenges with the same player.
  • Character Plata 5: Next 10 challenges with the same player all different.
  • Gold Character 1: Complete 12 different challenges with single player.
  • Gold Character 2: Complete 14 different challenges.
  • Character Gold 3: Complete 18 different challenges.
  • Gold figure 4: Complete 20 different challenges.
  • Gold figure 5: Complete 22 different challenges.

So we've made a good part of the tricks and rewards of Super Street Fighter IV 3D so you can enjoy this great game to the fullest.