on Friday, April 15, 2011
FIFA Manager 11 is a latest soccer game which takes the gameplay at management level. Well, if you've ever dreamed to become soccer coach then this is your chance since you can download FIFA Manager 11 in this blog. Management types of games are bit different so you should not look to be the hero of the game because everything depends on how you address all the players on the team. You will begin creating your character which you can do a lot like you and best of all is that you can do with the reality of your nationality, something that could not be done in previous games.

Beside player and playing you will meet the press conferences where you have to answer many questions about your players and clear to the parties disputed whether with positive or negative. FIFA Manager 11 brings many new improvements where you can see in all its glory so you cannot miss the chance to download this interesting management game.

The graphics is something that helps a lot is against the gameplay since you can only see the game from the bench without possibility of face within the field of play before the opposing team. Recalls that as the team you choose you will also be choosing your opponent so choose carefully in the way that no one win with your tactics other then you. Full version game cost a lot so before going for it’s recommended that to download demo version to play and test.